“I have worked with Barbara Buzzell for more than two decades. She is clued into the inner workings of the restaurant, hospitality and tourism industries -- locally, nationally and internationally. She is one of the most professional public relations executives in town.”

Cheryl Hall, Business Columnist, The Dallas Morning News

“Barbara is one of the most professional and talented publicists and marketers in North Texas. Her connections, knowledge and talents are unsurpassed!"

Candace Evans, Real Estate Writer, Candy’s Dirt and Second Shelters

“When George Michael and I decided to open The Goss- Michael Foundation, Barbara strategically helped develop our unique reputation and brought national and international attention to our art collection and events.  With Dallas visits by renowned British artists such as Marc Quinn, Tracey Emin, Sir Michael Craig-Martin, Jim Lambie among many others, Barbara ensured that the recognition for The Goss-Michael-Foundation and the artists were properly showcased." 

Kenny Goss, Co-Founder, The Goss-Michael Foundation

“Barbara is one of the greats!  Her amazing reputation is truly deserved. She and her team are always exceeding my expectations.  They make everythinglook so easy!”

Kimberly Schlegel Whitman, Whitman Media

“You are always the BEST. It has been very rewarding to work with you and be involved in the progression of the Dallas Art Fair.”

Catherine Anspon, Fine Arts & Social Editor, PaperCity

“Barbara Buzzell has been an integral part of the reason why Hotel ZaZa has been a wild success locally, regionally and nationally.”

Benji Homsey, President, Hotel ZaZa

“I remember Barbara Buzzell’s reputation for delivering results from my time working in Dallas at Rosewood Hotels & Resorts. Barbara was responsible for driving local PR for the opening of our first Seasons 52 restaurant in Dallas and she lived up to her long standing reputation of delivering results.”

Stephen Judge, President, Seasons 52

“A huge thank you for your incredible work that you've done over the last few months on RE:DEFINE. You are wonderful to work with, and secured us just simply incredible and invaluable coverage of both the event, and for the Foundation (and I see that it's continuing to come through!).”

Georgia Arnold, Senior Vice President, Social Responsibility, MTV Networks International

“We had our work cut out for us, and Barbara took the bull by the horns.  Her attention to detail in planning the grand opening event, from the guest invitation list to the media she secured, was impeccable and resulted in a highly successful opening.”

Amy Freshwater, Principal, Breakthrough Talent Solutions, LLC

“I feel you are one of the most talented people I have worked with in my career - and that encompasses a lot of people.”

Jack P. Ferguson, President & CEO, Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau

“You are to be commended on cultivating the 20s, 30s online and social media resources like you are doing. It is key for Hotel ZaZa and Dallas.”

Phyllis Hammond, Public Affairs, Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau

“Barbara Buzzell is one of the few people in the Dallas restaurant public relations business that gets it. She sends appropriate information at the appropriate time, which sounds logical and easy but is very rarely done at her level.”

Nancy Nichols, Restaurant Critic, D Magazine

“In early 1998 we hired Barbara Buzzell and her firm to assist us in the growth of Sur La Table and to position our company in the marketplace. As we expanded across the U.S., Barbara and her staff were with us every step of the way, assisting us in the addition of 48 stores over the next 7 years. The Buzzell Company created opportunities in every possible form of media. The Buzzell Company worked to position us for every new store opening across America. I can’t say enough good about the attention and service Barbara and her team gave to Sur La Table during our growing years.”

Renee Behnke, President Emeritus and Owner, Sur La Table

“Barbara runs one of the top PR agencies in Dallas, a restaurant-crazed city where she's earned respect among both restaurants and the media - not an easy task. Her longevity and experience give her a sense of history and depth of knowledge that few of her peers possess. As someone on her media list, I appreciate her focus and precision, and know that, if I receive a missive from her or one of her staff, it's going to be useful and not just another piece of junk mail that wastes my time and energy. When she sends out releases, she knows what kind of information I need, and that includes everything from the personalities to the gritty details like addresses, phone numbers, and the like. And I'm confident that the information she provides will be correct, which makes my job easier -- the ultimate gift.”

Teresa Gubbins, Senior Editor, CultureMap

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Barbara on numerous occasions. I’ve found that over the years her knowledge of the Dallas restaurant market, her ability to build solid relationships with key media contacts, and her keen insights of knowing what’s important and what resonates in the community has resulted in well-crafted and executed Public Relations strategies.”

Michael Archer, CEO, Houlihan’s Restaurants